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some of you have said the images in the long explanation post haven’t been working so here are some things julia and yuriy manchik sent me after i asked them to photograph my wedding. after they found out i was gay, they cancelled a photoshoot we had talked about having in april by not responding. Because I wasn’t sure if it was cancelled (they stopped responding to my emails after they found out I was gay), I messaged them on twitter. This made Yuriy upset and he sent me the rudest email I have ever gotten in my life:

Why would I call him if he stopped responding to my emails and didn’t even respond on twitter until I called him unprofessional?

I thought that good people didn’t resort to name calling and verbally abusing people let alone someone who was supposed to be a client. Isn’t that the point of being religious? To live a good life? Obviously I won’t be supporting these people and will tell all my friends and family about this experience and anyone else who wants to listen. Besides being unprofessional and rude, Yuriy also said in an email to me that the reason he didn’t want to photograph my wedding is because he doesn’t think he is a confident photographer. I guess I dodged a bullet.

P.S. They deleted all the nasty tweets they sent me but they can still be found individually if you know how. I don’t.


dear julia and yuriy manchik

Please stop sending your friends to post comments here (or pretending to be different people). It’s obvious when they talk about specific details that I didn’t go into here. Also, a tip for commenters, please follow your own advice, if you tell people to treat people like you’d like to be treated, then don’t call people names in the comments. Only rational comments will be published. If you read the comments, I do publish ones with opposing view points if they are slightly intelligent. I understand that I don’t have a “right” to  be photographed by these specific people, but I do have a right to photography services in the United States of America as I do to any other service. You telling me I don’t have a right to wedding photography is discriminatory and not well thought out. If you run a business, you can not refuse your services based on sexual orientation, which is what Julia and Yuriy Manchik admitted to. They didn’t refuse me because our styles didn’t match, or our dates didn’t work… they AGREED to just a regular shoot in April and then backed out without even giving me the courtesy of telling me they were not going to keep our April appointment.

I’ve had some time to reflect on how I was treated by Yuriy Manchik and Julia Manchik. I know I can’t change people who are bigoted and mean for no reason. Because I am gay, Yuriy thought it was okay to turn me down for a shoot he had committed to in April with me. He sent me some emails saying that photographing gay weddings was wrong, but then never responded to me about the non-wedding shoot we had scheduled already. It was obvious that he hated gay people and I got really angry and hurt and took to twitter to try and get a response for his unprofessionalism.

One of their fans sent me a message saying it is harassment to constantly send people messages. I agree. But, in this case, Julia and Yuriy Manchik are providing a service and are refusing to provide that service to gay people and on top of it, verbally abusing people who just wanted them to be their wedding photog. I sent them follow up emails after they sent me emails saying that they would meet with me etc… I think that anyone who has planned anything knows that sometimes you have to email companies/vendors a few times to get everything organized.

They’re now saying that they turn people down all the time because of many reasons. That’s fair – but the only reason they gave me for turning me down for my wedding because I am gay and they refused to talk to me further about the non wedding shoot we had scheduled when they found out I was gay and stopped responding to my emails about it.

Thank you to everyone who reads this for your supportive messages on twitter and in the comments section. I made this page because I think how they treated me is wrong and the image they portray online is really fake. I got an anonymous email from someone who said that Julia and Yuriy’s parents escaped their home country because of religious persecution and that they should be more sympathetic to people and not persecute others which is exactly what they are doing.

Someone commented on the last post that it’s bad that they traveled so much and haven’t opened their minds. Someone else said that all they did the entire time they traveled was complain about how they missed starbucks and their families even though they were only gone for 6 months. I didn’t know about a lot of this stuff when I contacted them at first but in the end, I guess I’m glad that I won’t have to meet these horrible people. I guess I just want to make it known that this bigotry still exists and how sad it is.

Yuriy Manchik Photography (aka Mr and Mrs Globetrot ) not only turned me down for wedding photos, but sent me emails telling me that he was taught being gay is wrong, called me a crybaby because I said I was upset at how he was treating me. Yuriy Manchik said that he was not a confident photographer (see email below) and  then stopped returning my emails after he found out I am gay. When I asked him if we could still do the portrait session he had already agreed to, saying that maybe he could practice posing us there and that we were capable of our own “posing”. He then stopped responding to my emails despite the fact that he was active on twitter so I thought I’d send him a message there. After a few tweets, he started sending me very rude emails.

He called me a crybaby and told me I was a sixteen year old and that I should “mature-up” because I told them that it felt awful to be treated the way they were treating me. Then Julia Manchik send me an email defending her husband saying he had no choice but to attack me (??)

After agreeing to shoot my portrait in April, we discussed his wedding rates. Then we wrote back and forth about how much he charged for hotels and travel and stuff. I also told him that I DID NOT HAVE A WEDDING DATE CHOSEN YET. We’re in the early stages of planning:

Then I realized that I hadn’t mentioned I was gay by this point so I thought I would mention it, even though I shouldn’t have to. Then he stopped emailing me . I was really annoyed. So I waited 5 days and sent the email again just incase he didn’t get it or something. He responded that he wasn’t a confident photographer and said that I should contact someone else:

So I wrote back asking why he wouldn’t be confident. What does he think happens at gay weddings?

And then he stopped responding again and I was really upset about how he was dealing with this so I decided to get on twitter so that I could get his attention, hopefully to get the courtesy of getting the professional response I deserved.

Of course as soon as I got on twitter he finally wrote back:

You might say that these emails are nice/professional but please keep in mind that we had already agreed to a date and they were suddenly backing out with no explanation other than that I am gay. They won’t even shoot two guys together hanging out for a non wedding session?? I don’t know why he was making such a big deal about the wedding date. I bet it was so he could just say “Ooohhh, Soorrry we  are already booked that day!” ? That’s one reason I didn’t respond to that question. Besides that, I already told him that we hadn’t set a date in the very first email. Speaking of not answering questions, my response to his excuse was to ask whether we could still do a portrait shoot and then we could see if he could practice posing.

At this point I was trying to be optimistic that he wasn’t homophobic and that if it really was that he wasn’t a confident photographer, ready for all situations, that we could test out our compatibility with a shoot together and if he really had such a terrible time “posing” us (which, I have a feeling we could do ourselves) then we could make a decision about the wedding then. Sadly, all that was was a really bad excuse and that’s when I got angrier than I probably should have but they will never know what it’s like to be discriminated against. I noticed that they were pretty active on twitter so I thought since they were so bad at returning emails that they could respond to me quickly on twitter because if they weren’t lying then they wouldn’t need so much time to come up with replies.

Even though they were responding to other people on twitter they were completely ignoring me – my request to have a portrait session, that they already agreed to for April before they knew I was gay. After a few days of sending tweets just asking them to respond, I called them unprofessional for not responding and then Julia sent me a tweet saying Yuriy was taking “good care of me”

So I replied to that on twitter saying that you weren’t “taking good care” of me. He made excuses for why he wouldn’t photograph our wedding, then wouldn’t tell me why he wouldn’t even do a portrait session. Then says it’s wrong for gay people to get married AND they don’t even want to take a regular picture of us? And I’M unprofessional because I am asking them to respond to my emails? I didn’t “bad mouth” them on twitter, after a few days of them not responding, I called them unprofessional for not doing so, which they are. It’s not bad mouthing if it’s just fact. Why would I email them when they didn’t respond to my emails until I called them unprofessional on twitter?

Julia claims that I was trying to make her homophobic. No one can “make you” homophobic.

Then they blocked me from twitter and sent me an email saying I probably wasn’t even getting married and that I was just harassing people over the internet because I wouldn’t meet with them in person (they never offered that?). I just asked them to respond to my emails  and they didn’t! I would have loved to have meet in person and got them a coffee to discuss a portrait session and maybe been their first gay wedding if they were being truthful about just not being comfortable about “posing” us.

They said that they were taught that being gay is wrong. I wish they were also taught that lying and verbally abusing people is wrong.

The last email also said I should be doing better things with my time than trying to get in touch with them and that I was “tweeting garbage”.  Real nice people.

I guess I’m better off not having these two take my photos. I had my friend who is into photography look into their stuff and it looks like they just use these things they bought where they click one button on photoshop to make your photos have an effect. I could download those myself because they are free! And with the money I’d save maybe I’ll just buy the Nikon D700.

Even if you’re not gay, Yuriy Manchik said he was not a confident photographer and that alone is a huge reason  why I wouldn’t choose them as photographers let alone the fact that they are horrible people who can’t be courteous.