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some of you have said the images in the long explanation post haven’t been working so here are some things julia and yuriy manchik sent me after i asked them to photograph my wedding. after they found out i was gay, they cancelled a photoshoot we had talked about having in april by not responding. Because I wasn’t sure if it was cancelled (they stopped responding to my emails after they found out I was gay), I messaged them on twitter. This made Yuriy upset and he sent me the rudest email I have ever gotten in my life:

Why would I call him if he stopped responding to my emails and didn’t even respond on twitter until I called him unprofessional?

I thought that good people didn’t resort to name calling and verbally abusing people let alone someone who was supposed to be a client. Isn’t that the point of being religious? To live a good life? Obviously I won’t be supporting these people and will tell all my friends and family about this experience and anyone else who wants to listen. Besides being unprofessional and rude, Yuriy also said in an email to me that the reason he didn’t want to photograph my wedding is because he doesn’t think he is a confident photographer. I guess I dodged a bullet.

P.S. They deleted all the nasty tweets they sent me but they can still be found individually if you know how. I don’t.


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  1. Ryan, I took a look at their blog and twitter accounts. They are obviously morons. Morons can’t change their minds because they don’t have any.

  2. This is disgusting. I can’t believe this is still going on in 2011. Isn’t it ironic that he tells you to “mature up” (is English his second language?) when he calls you a cry baby. Who calls someone a cry baby other than little girls. Hilarious.


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