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dear julia and yuriy manchik

Please stop sending your friends to post comments here (or pretending to be different people). It’s obvious when they talk about specific details that I didn’t go into here. Also, a tip for commenters, please follow your own advice, if you tell people to treat people like you’d like to be treated, then don’t call people names in the comments. Only rational comments will be published. If you read the comments, I do publish ones with opposing view points if they are slightly intelligent. I understand that I don’t have a “right” to  be photographed by these specific people, but I do have a right to photography services in the United States of America as I do to any other service. You telling me I don’t have a right to wedding photography is discriminatory and not well thought out. If you run a business, you can not refuse your services based on sexual orientation, which is what Julia and Yuriy Manchik admitted to. They didn’t refuse me because our styles didn’t match, or our dates didn’t work… they AGREED to just a regular shoot in April and then backed out without even giving me the courtesy of telling me they were not going to keep our April appointment.


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