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I’ve had some time to reflect on how I was treated by Yuriy Manchik and Julia Manchik. I know I can’t change people who are bigoted and mean for no reason. Because I am gay, Yuriy thought it was okay to turn me down for a shoot he had committed to in April with me. He sent me some emails saying that photographing gay weddings was wrong, but then never responded to me about the non-wedding shoot we had scheduled already. It was obvious that he hated gay people and I got really angry and hurt and took to twitter to try and get a response for his unprofessionalism.

One of their fans sent me a message saying it is harassment to constantly send people messages. I agree. But, in this case, Julia and Yuriy Manchik are providing a service and are refusing to provide that service to gay people and on top of it, verbally abusing people who just wanted them to be their wedding photog. I sent them follow up emails after they sent me emails saying that they would meet with me etc… I think that anyone who has planned anything knows that sometimes you have to email companies/vendors a few times to get everything organized.

They’re now saying that they turn people down all the time because of many reasons. That’s fair – but the only reason they gave me for turning me down for my wedding because I am gay and they refused to talk to me further about the non wedding shoot we had scheduled when they found out I was gay and stopped responding to my emails about it.

Thank you to everyone who reads this for your supportive messages on twitter and in the comments section. I made this page because I think how they treated me is wrong and the image they portray online is really fake. I got an anonymous email from someone who said that Julia and Yuriy’s parents escaped their home country because of religious persecution and that they should be more sympathetic to people and not persecute others which is exactly what they are doing.

Someone commented on the last post that it’s bad that they traveled so much and haven’t opened their minds. Someone else said that all they did the entire time they traveled was complain about how they missed starbucks and their families even though they were only gone for 6 months. I didn’t know about a lot of this stuff when I contacted them at first but in the end, I guess I’m glad that I won’t have to meet these horrible people. I guess I just want to make it known that this bigotry still exists and how sad it is.


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